Kaymacor is a highly innovative company that encapsulates its vocation in its name: KAYMA means "heat" in ancient Greek and COR stands for "Organic Rankine Cycles."

The company has developed high know-how in the field of this technology, in collaboration with universities and research centers, such as the University of Trieste, Padua, Florence and CNR.
From 2018 to present, we have built several systems in Italy and abroad. Our systems have been tested in Canada in Ottawa at the Alternative Energy Laboratory, in Korea at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, and in Egypt at the National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics. In Italy, the technology has been tested at the Institute for Research on Engine - CNR in Naples, at the Fiat Research Center and at the laboratories of the Universities of Trieste and Padua.

Through thousands of hours of operation we have been able to verify the reliability of the technology and to develop the most advanced control and safety strategies. Three test laboratories allow us to test and validate new components, new operation strategies and new fluids, making our products always up-to-date about the latest advances in ORC technology.
Some technological solutions have been protected by us for their innovative content.
Finally, we have made important contributions in the scientific field to the development of ORC technology by publishing articles with experimental content in the international arena.

Vision and Mission

We want to help build a sustainable society by developing solutions based on Rankine Organic Cycles technology, solutions that are simple, reliable, and smart. 
This mission is consistent with our vision of a better society based only on the use of renewable energy.

Dostoevsky wrote “Without Beauty we would not know how to design even a nail”. Today the beauty of technology is combined not only with the concept of utility, but especially with those of sustainability and respect for the environment.
This is why we think the solutions we propose are "beautiful" in that they make thermal and electrical energy available using renewable energy.
Organic Rankine Cycles technology is the "unrivalled technical solution for generating electricity from low-medium temperature heat sources of limited capacity" [ORC Power Systems - Ch.1, ed. Elsevier-Macchi, Astolfi].
Our image is the waterfall, which is a symbol of freedom, freedom from fossil sources and an incentive to realize a better society based on renewable energy.

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