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BIC is a certified business incubator that hosts startup companies for initial trials, evaluating the idea’s worth and the ability to bring it to fruition, and the growth and training of management and the enterprise itself. Active since 1989, and a certified member of EBN – European Business Innovation Centres Network since the outset, BIC is registered in the special section of the Business Registry as a certified incubator of innovative startups (law 221 of 17/12/2012). It has assisted over 260 companies with their growth and development.

It is an integrated system of services, a “conduit for entrepreneurship” and for providing professionalism, support, ideas, and help.

It is a modern instrument to support entrepreneurial creativity on the part of those who believe and are ready to invest in technologically advanced companies, in innovations that will bear fruit in the coming years,   and in the new markets and opportunities that are opening up in the world.


  • Faster times for launching a new business and making it fully operative;
  • Assistance regarding crucial operative aspects such as finding private and public capital, strategic decision-making, and relations between business partners;
  • Facilitating contacts with the market, and projecting a strong image with clients and external investors;
  • Purchasing third-party services at advantageous conditions thanks to being hosted by a certified incubator pursuant to Italian Law 221/12;
  • Minimizing fixed costs and the minimum threshold for investment.

All thanks to:

  • the presence in the incubator of two finance companies, one dedicated to supporting early-stage companies in the health care sector, and another dedicated to helping build relations with leading crowdfunding companies.
  • Our close collaboration with the local scientific world, especially the University of Trieste, SISSA, Area Science Park, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (O.G.S.), and other local research institutes and laboratories.
  • Agreements and joint ventures with institutions such as EBN - Innovation Network, which brings together over 150 certified European incubators, and Tech Italia Lab London, a community founded two years ago that brings together Italians who work in the tech sector in London, and which currently has over 2,000 members.
  • The OIS - Open Innovation System regional programme, thanks to which BIC can support the region’s businesses by providing technical assistance on issues related to technology, the market, management, and finance.
  • The regional programme for business acceleration, incubation, and pre-incubation for cultural, creative, and tourism enterprises that allows BIC to provide services in support of entrepreneurial development in these sectors as well.
  • The availability of suitable facilities to host productive activities, with utilities, VoIP, and communal areas such as meeting and conference rooms, a cafeteria and bar, and parking facilities, in addition to services such as reception, incoming goods, use of photocopiers and wireless equipment, etc.

Hosting – The following are eligible to be hosted by BIC Incubatori FVG:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who intend to implement their idea or project;
  • Entrepreneurs interested in making new, innovative products, or in further developing their company through spin-offs.