Thanks to its in-depth legal experience with procedures to recover evidence online, Legal Eye™ srl was established in May 2015. Founded by three Digital Forensics and Information Security consultants, Legal Eye™ is born out of legal experience and everyday life demonstrating that while collecting and producing evidence of items published online is fundamental to protect one’s rights, it is also laborious, complex, and subject to human error, often invalidating its usefulness in court.

Vision and mission

LegalEYE’s mission is to create tools accessible to anyone that make it possible to capture in a legally valid manner any and all online content (web, social networks, chats, messages, webmail, etc.) to protect the rights and reputation of any private or public legal subject.

LegalEYE Pro is the web tool that allows private citizens, companies, and professionals to protect their rights and reputation against online libel, stalking, cyber-bullying, fake news, unfair competition, disloyal employees, and any other actions that leave an online trail.

Further information

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