IGICOV SRL is a company licensee of a patent application concerning an innovative solution of a single-use hygienic cover for remote controls and other commonly used devises that protects the user from transmission of bacteria and viruses potentially present on the surface of such devices.
The Cover allows to unequivocally identify the first use of a device, giving the user a guarantee that he or she is the first to use it.
The products are mainly marketed in the hospitality sector (Hotels, B&Bs, Rental Apartments, etc.), public and private healthcare sector, and large-scale retail.
The company currently manufactures through third parties, with the aim of bringing the entire production process in-house and markets/distributes the product in the following reference markets: Europe, North America, Middle and Far East.
IGICOV® is a registered trademark.

Give absolute assurance to people using remote controls and other commonly used devices/ surfaces that they are 100% protected from bacteria and viruses on them.

Our goal is to distinguish ourselves as the world leader in absolutely reliable and safe single-use solutions for protection from transmission of bacteria and viruses present on devices or other commonly used surfaces, through constant investment in R&D and targeted business and investment strategies to satisfy the largest number of users in the world.

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