PSG S.r.l.

PSG S.r.l.

PSG Srl is a company specialized in designing and developing automation systems. It has established relationships with major local bodies while also working with small private clients.

In the naval sector, PSG’s services can cover the client’s entire productive cycle, beginning with designing and configuring automation systems and performing virtual testing of control systems, including their analysis, the installation and cabling of pre-assembled systems, and final testing of automation systems.

In the civil sector, PSG focuses on wireless domotics. The solutions it offers range from low-cost ones based on IoT up to full domotics systems than can integrate with all household systems (appliances, HVAC, lighting, heating for energy savings or comfort, management of loads), including for users with disabilities or  impairments.

All of PSG’s services undergo a rigorous testing phase. This was originally one of the services offered, and over time it has permeated the company’s corporate culture and M.O.

Vision and mission

The flexibility, efficiency, and rigorous approach needed to provide good services, together with coherence in internal and external relations as a way to generate value for all members in a process, whether they are our clients or staff members.

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