Propensione S.p.A. is an online insurance broker specializing in the social security sector, and is registered as a broker in the Registry of Insurance Brokers. Established in July 2016, the company began operating in March 2018. It is an innovative startup that provides competent, customized consulting services for choosing and purchasing insurance and supplementary pension products. provides its users with customized advice to help them choose among the many supplementary pension products on the market. It has developed the “Propensione method”, a six-step process to identify the best supplementary pension product on the basis of each client’s personal and professional profile.

Starting with an in-depth analysis of each client’s public and supplementary pensions, identifies the ‘pensions gap’, and a proprietary algorithm that cross-references client data with data from available pension funds to suggest the best investment sector along with providing a ranking of the funds. The method then identifies the best solution for the client, which can be purchased directly online from the portal. Finally, should the client’s needs change, he or she will continue to be assisted with their pensions plan.

The only company of its kind in Italy, offers a gradual process to explore supplementary pension issues through digital tools, making available all necessary information and tools to make an informed choice regarding the best products available on the market, such as those offered by Arca Sgr, Helvetia and others with which we have partnerships.

Additionally, in order to provide its clients with the fullest protection, makes it possible to purchase GeniaLife’s life insurance policy online.

Ultimately, is an innovative blend of the financial/insurance world with the digital one, making skills and experience available at the touch of a button.

Vision and mission

The evolution of the public pensions system and an increasingly uncertain job market combine for a scenario in which future generations will have to recur to supplementary pensions in order to maintain an adequate quality of life once they retire.

Supplementary pensions are an important opportunities for families to have access to the tools to maintain their economic standards.’s mission is to contribute to building and protecting the well-being of its clients by providing expert, transparent online advice on the choice and purchase of supplementary pensions and insurance products.

Further information

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