MQUADRO is an electronic engineering company with a dual business line: the development, manufacturing, and supply of electronic systems and IT services for localization and data collection from mobile devices, people and assets in the environmental sector, and systems for the biomedical sector. It employs highly qualified staff (4 electronic engineers) specialized in the design and development of hardware (embedded systems) and software (Linux based). Now in its tenth year of activity, the company’s portfolio includes: certified products and service for managing waste collection (collecting and monitoring data on separate collection through vehicle-mounted systems, management of access and waste drop-off at municipal waste collection points, and waste containers equipped with integrated technologies) in addition to point-of-care systems for applications in the biomedical sector.

Vision and mission

The design, development, and dissemination of technologies that help companies, their staff, clients, and the community as a whole to progress and improve their impact on the planet.

Further information

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