MICAD S.r.l.

MICAD S.r.l.

MICAD S.r.l. is a Design House working in all nautical and marine sectors.

We offer competitive products and services based on functionality, innovation, elegance, and safety. We are constantly improving in terms of style and engineering, and provide support for creating outstanding products for individuals, companies, and institutions worldwide.

Our services and technologies:

  • Project and product management, feasibility studies, business plans, ROI calculations, timeplans
  • Preliminary design, feasibility studies, general design, and 3D modelling of components for CNC cutters.
  • Interior layout and design
  • Concept design
  • Rendering
  • Naval engineering, hull design, deadweight tonnage, hydrostatic calculations, performance predictions, planning and analysis of ship model basin tests, ship stability file, and instructions for the captain.
  • Engine room planning and layout, layout of onboard services, maintenance and inspection plans, propeller shaft sizing, and measurements of vibrations.
  • Structural planning;  Structural sizing of constructions made with composite, aluminium, steel, and/or timber on the basis of construction regulations; lamination plates both for manufacturing and for naval classification registries; and destructive testing on materials
  • Plant design
  • Process development
  • Layout for lines of production, process flow, bills of materials, work instructions, ship dismantlement plans, cost analysis.
  • Reverse engineering
  • Documentation for EC certification and classification (RINA, DNV, ABS)
  • Research and development and planning of experimental plans using the “design of experiment” technique, results of R&D analyses ( EU/National/Regional)
  • Thermographic technical appraisals, vibration measurements and FFT analysis, tests at sea

Vision and mission


Life at sea cannot be left up to chance. Our clients are happy to discover that our final products are of high quality and easy to use. “Be essential, be creative”


Only constant innovation that guarantees that our clients remain leaders in their markets. Our ability to identify and develop many innovations, both for ourselves and our clients, makes us the ideal technical partners. “Innovate for the future”


No industrial or artisanal product can attract clients without a degree of elegance. For this reason, we pursue clean lines for timeless products. “Clean design”


We are constantly improving the safety of our products and processes, both for manufacturers and for end users, who daily face the risks associated with the sea and with time. “Safety first”

Further information

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