JustOnearth provides Decision Support Systems in the environmental field. New technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and computer vision can help stakeholders gain concrete guidance on how to take action to achieve sustainability goals.
JustOnearth provides these services by analyzing all available data sources for a given sector, starting with satellite data, through an Artificial Intelligence system that can process both an alert and recommendation system. We share data through mobile and desktop dashboards, reports, and interchange formats such as APIs. We help organizations address sustainability challenges related to the convergence of:

a. Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
b. Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG)
c. Customer and staff expectations
d. Risk management
e. Business objectives
f. Cost reduction

Vision and Mission

JustOnearth was born from the coming together of multiple professionals united by a common vision of making the sustainability paradigm a practical act. The complexity of our ecosystems requires a holistic approach that is both hyper-technological and human-centered. We operate in the sectors that pertain to the sea and land, making sustainability and ecological transition a practical and everyday action. We offer services for agriculture, fisheries, marine and port areas, urban environments, industries and public spaces. The technology we have developed allows us to enable different levels of analysis that include:
● meteorological and spectrometric data from satellites
● open data of all types and nature
● data from IOT devices and sensors to build scenarios, detect singularities, serve as decision support with high margin of knowability and a low margin of error.
We have only one goal in mind: sustainability

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