DOTT. DINO PALADIN is a company working in biotechnology and nanotechnology, particularly as applied to human diagnostics. Its activities in these sectors include:

  • Research and development both on its own and as a contractor
  • Pilot production
  • Supply of infrastructure and personnel for manufacturing products sold by third parties
  • Production, installation, repair, and maintenance of software and instruments
  • Provision of services and infrastructure for activities hosted in its own dedicated facility, Centro Ricerche Scientifiche (CRS).

DOTT. DINO PALADIN has worked with over 20 organizations – including universities, research institutes, and hospitals – within the framework of funded research and development projects and research and development  contracts for doctoral programmes and research grants, mainly related to in vitro diagnostics and the regional research institutes interested in this sector.

The main products/services offered are:

  • Biotechnology and nanotechnology products; in particular, the company has developed and patented a drug currently being manufactured by another company.
  • Kits comprising reagents, systems, instruments, and software for molecular diagnostics and human diagnostics in general.
  • Devices for research and analysis
  • Systems, instruments, and software for tracing work flows and samples in pathological anatomies.
  • Products for creating and managing biobanks: containers with 2D or linear bar codes with decoding accessories, hardware, and software, software for tracing, archival, and research, and hardware and material for printing.
  • Services and infrastructure for scientific activities.
  • Innovative molecular and cell biology systems for educational and teaching purposes.

Vision and mission

DOTT. DINO PALADIN’s vision is to be active protagonists in technology transfers in the field of human diagnostics by developing innovative and competitive solutions. Its mission is to make available its know-how in biotechnology, IT, and engineering to develop increasingly better diagnostic solutions in the service of human health.

Further information