Biovalley Group, born in 2014 out of the longstanding industrial experience of its founder and majority shareholder Bravar, works as a family and friends office and manages investments made in innovative firms in the BioHighTech sector (biomedical, biotechnology, bioinformatics) that work in Friuli Venezia Giulia and adjacent regions in the Alpe Adria area, in order to accelerate their development and boost the value of their assets.

The search for industrial partners is aimed especially at companies that were born as spinoffs and startups at the BIC Business Innovation Center, Area Science Park, or that work in one of the many technology and science parks in the Alpe Adria area.

The Chairman of the Board is the engineer Diego Bravar, founder of the TBS Group and Vice President of Confindustria Venezia Giulia.

Vision and mission

Biovalley Group pursues its mission by providing support for the development of innovative SMEs working in the BioHighTech health sector, which the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region has identified as one of the five intelligent specialization strategies.

Biovalley Group.creates added value by participating as minority shareholders in the risk capital of the companies it identifies, and by creating collaborative networks between innovative companies to tackle synergistically the internationalization of the sector, the “internet of things”, and participation in R&D calls for projects under the PORFESR and Interreg European funds.

In keeping with these principles, Biovalley Group has launched a wide-ranging industrial collaboration effort by promoting the BioHighTech-Net network, of which it is the leader.

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