Alphagenics Biotech Srl is a highly qualified company that develops and manufactures kits for clinical and diagnostic use, and that carries out research in the molecular genetics sector. The company also provides consulting services for the technology transfer of innovative project ideas with an R&D department that develops new products and technologies and creates customized solutions to meet the needs of the rapidly and constantly expanding health and wellness market.

In the field of molecular cancer diagnostics, the company manufactures and is highly interested in the development of new pharmacogenetic kits for personalized and predictive medicine. Indeed, one of the company’s priority goals is to develop new, non-invasive diagnostic procedures to improve patient quality of life and reduce costs for hospitals. The company is investing heavily in this sector in order to define streamlined procedures for processing and analyzing clinical samples of interest (whether they are fresh or archived, in solid or liquid biopsy form).

Vision and mission

Alphagenics Biotech Srl has made an active commitment to maintaining a high level of product innovation by dedicating to research and innovation a substantial share of its financial resources, including through the management of applied research projects in collaboration with other companies and research institutes.

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